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About 9 Tails Creations

Owner Creator

9 Tails Creations was started in 2020 by accident in a spare bedroom in my home. When the worldwide pandemic of COVID-19 came into existence, we all were on lockdown (well not technically but it felt like it). A lot of business were shut down we were all self-quarantining, the only thing left to do was to start a new hobby. I was stuck at home anyway so why not use my time to learn something new. And then working with leather happened. I started watching tons of videos, learned all I could about the different types of leather and how to craft it into the things I wanted. The problem was once I learned all of these things; I couldn’t stop crafting them.
I enjoy doing this craft so much that it started to take over my small little bedroom and 9 Tails Creations was born. 

Creator Owner

I wanted to create something that people needed and or wanted but I wanted to do it in a style that I loved and that I hoped others loved as well. I really like the dark and mystical, Medieval and Steampunk genres That's where a lot of my collections and inspirations come from. 

9 Tailed Fox

The Nine Tails Creations name comes from old Chinese mythology about a nine tailed fox called the Huli jing.
Huli jing are Chinese mythological creatures usually capable of shapeshifting normally into human form, who may either be benevolent or malevolent spirits.